Slechts enkele van de vele wetenschappelijke onderzoeken:

  1. Whole-Body Cryotherapy in Athletes: From Therapy to Stimulation
  2. Effects of WBC on pain in patients with chronic low back pain;  a prospective double blinde randomised controlled trail
  3. Significant influence on improving well-being and mood
  4. Cold Air Therapy to cure Peritendopathies and
    Bursopathies – Initial Clinical Experiences
  5. Whole Body cryotherapy in inflammatory and non-inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  6. Significant influence on improving well-being and mood
  7. Cooling interventions for athletes: An overview of effectiveness, physiological mechanisms, and practical considerations 
  8. Cryotherapy in inflammatory 
    rheumatic diseases: a systematic review
  9. The Effect of Whole-Body Cryotherapy at Different Temperatures on Proinflammatory Cytokines, Oxidative Stress Parameters, and Disease Activity in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis
  10. presentatie Prof. Agata Stanek MD, PhD
  11. overzicht van 30 jaar cryotherapie
  12. Effect of Whole Body Cryotherapy with Spinal Decom
  13. Effect of cryotherapy on the lumbar spine in elderly men with back pain
  14. Individualising the exposure of −110 °C whole body cryotherapy: The effects of sex and body composition 
  15. Whole- and partial-body cryostimulation/cryotherapy: Current technologies and practical applications
  16. The Effects of a Single Whole-Body Cryotherapy Exposure on Physiological, Performance, and Perceptual Responses of Professional Academy Soccer Players After Repeated Sprint Exercise cryotherapy’s enhancement of acute recovery of running performance in well-trained athletes.
  17. The Effect of Three Different (-135°C) Whole Body Cryotherapy Exposure Durations on Elite Rugby League Players 
  18. The Effect of Submaximal Exercise Preceded by Single Whole-Body Cryotherapy on the Markers of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Blood of Volleyball Players 
  19. Muscle, Skin and Core Temperature after −110°C Cold Air and 8°C Water Treatment 
  20. Five-Day Whole-Body Cryostimulation, Blood Inflammatory Markers, and Performance in High-Ranking Professional Tennis Players 
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  27. The-Role-of-Cryotherapy-in-Preventive-Medicine
  28. Cryotherapy-Facial-study
  29. CRYO Facial-Revealing the Secret to Radiant Skin
  30. Cryotherapy-for-Beauty
  31. Cryotherapy-For-Yoga-Lovers
  32. Cryotherapy-An-Emerging-Weight-Management-Option
  33. Cryotherapy-to-Defy-the-Ageing-Process
  34. Athletic-Recovery-Through-Cryotherapy
  35. Contribution-of-Cryogenically-Cooled-Air-on-Wellness
  36. effects-of-cryotheapy-on-body-performance 
  37. The-Use-of-Cryotherapy-in-Biohacking
  38. Benefits-of-Cryotherapy-on-Mental-Health